Tuesday, March 15, 2011


PA to NJ.
So the inevitable happened.. I knew that they would take me away from the wonderful land a Valley Forge eventually... I was reluctant to go.. not because I don't like the adventure of meeting new people.. figuring out a new area.. or meeting a wonderful new sister. I was reluctant mostly because I had to leave some of my heart in Valley Forge. I loved the time that I have been blessed with to serve there! I love the members, I love my Sister Soolefai, I love the people I taught, the people that got baptized. I love the people walking around the streets of Norristown. I love the BEAUTIFUL Historic National Park. I do have a confession.... a little bit a materialistic.... miss ... I miss the cute red Toyota Carola that I got to zip around in. I now drive a soccer mom's dream vehicle... a silver dodge van. Not sure why... but that is what it is.. I do feel a little weird driving it around! :) But... to bring the spirit back... I am grateful that I even have a vehicle to get around in... because the area I am in now is ... HUGE!! I am now serving in VINELAND NEW JERSEY! Can I tell you how happy I am to be back in New Jersey! I am pretty thrilled about it. About a year ago almost to the date I got off the plane and landed in Philadelphia.. and headed to New Jersey. I am serving right next to the area where I began my wonderful journey of serving the Lord.
I owe a huge thanks to the many people in Valley Forge... for the many meals.. for the many hours of service that were given in behalf of us missionaries serving in that area. They took me in as one of there daughters and sisters. I was so sad to leave because as the same with each area you leave... the possibilities of going back there are less and less.. to be able to be there as a full-time missionary set apart from the world... slips away. My life is forever changed from the many lives that touched my heart while I have been on my mission so far.
I am now serving with a wonderful sister ... Sister Malaesilia. She is from Samoa.. She is wonderful! I get the chance to live with "Gramma" She is an adorable, sweet 94yr. old. She lives in a cute white farm house... We live upstairs from her! The house.. is adorable... something about the glass doorknobs, and old windows excites me! It is always different changing and settling in.. during the changes that I have taken place while I have been on my mission, I always think of a hymn... It has quite become one of my most favorite hymns... it really brings peace to my soul... The line from the hymn in particular.. is .. "In every change he faithful will remain" ... Yes.. Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side... I am learning a valuable lesson on how important it is to seek the Lord's spirit in EVERY change that happens... Those experiences that I feel the spirit and can't deny are the ones I hold on to with all my heart. I can not doubt that the Lord is in control.. He is our Savior... He has a plan for each of us. I will never be able to repay my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ for the many many blessings, experiences, and lessons I am learning while in their service. Lessons from Him, lessons, from my sisters, lessons from dear friends. I recently relearned a very valuable lesson from someone special, I learned.. that I am not in control. I learned that I can't use my agency to change someone elses agency. I learned that this life is not the end. I learned... that Heavenly Father is in control. I trust Him. I love Him.
I am excited about all that happens here in the Lord's Kingdom on the earth.. (The Gospel). I love sharing it... and witnessing people change there lives to be closer to our Savior. I love all of you.. I hope that you all are seeking opportunities to bring yourself closer to Our Savior.. I am reminded of a question I was asked from one of my District Leaders... He said, "Sister Pallas, how are you doing in Coming unto Christ?" I was a little taken back by the question because I was thinking... I'm supposed to bring other people to Christ. I realized... that we first have to KNOW Christ.. then we can better give the Love our Savior has to others. So ALL: ask yourselves... How am I doing in Coming unto Christ?
All my Love: Sister Pallas

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pictures from Baptism

Kaitlyn wanted some pictures added to her blog. So here ya go!! We are sure missing our Kaitlyn! She is doing awesome though.