Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So... I've been thinking..

I've been using this Blog.. to share my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. and to allow myself to think I am keeping in touch with all of you back home..? Which.. I'm not quite sure if anyone reads this.. ;) But I was thinking .. I'm not very good at sharing exactly what is going on in this "...great and Marvelous work.." So here goes my last week as a missionary....
The average Preparation Day...
Get up at 6:15 wash laundry
6:30 - 7 work out at our little gym...(we are spoiled.. we have a gym at our apt...)
7-8 clean a little get ready for the day eat breakfast..
8-10 study study study..
10 - 6 email family, wash car, grocery shop, write letters... Last week we went to Valley Forge National Park again.. because it is such a cool and beautiful place.. it was a little bit cold.. but I was grateful to enjoy the park with all the white stuff all over.. (Snow if you didn't know)
Then we go on to our appointments for the rest of the evening..
Tuesday Night.. can you spell snow...... I CAN S-N-O-W... It was everywhere.. We went to an appointment at about 6:13ish.. and when we came out about 40ish minutes later.. the car was covered with about an inch of snow.. and the lines on the road were nowhere to be seen.. So I did my best to drive home.. I felt like I was in a time warp... all the snow coming at me.. The next morning was fun... I'm not quite sure how much snow fell.. (since we never see the news) but I would guess that it was about 230489'' or maybe like 12'' We have really nice neighbors that brushed off our car.. and then helped us dig out our tires!! Good thing because all we had were our ice scrappers.. (they work good for shovels :) I love our Snow ADVENTURES...
Anyways.. This was the last week of our "Transfer" We call every 6 weeks a transfer.. It is always kinda crazy at the end of a transfer because you find out if you are going to stay in the area where you are .. or go to a new area with a new sister. I was kinda stressed out at the end of this past week.. Transfers were coming .. and I was pretty sure that they would transfer me out of Valley Forge.. (which I was really hoping wouldn't happen) But none the less.. I have been here in this area almost 6 months.. and I was thinking the time was almost up! The call usually comes on Friday night.. well.. it didn't.. So I went to bed at 10:30.. (bedtime!! :0) The next morning our District Leader Called.. said.. "What is your prediction Sister Pallas" I was tired.. as I am most every morning so I replied.. just tell me what's happening.. I don't want to play this game.. hehe.. So he said .. You both are staying! I was so excited and surprised!! But none the less.. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO BE STAYING HERE! At least another 6 weeks!
Sunday (yesterday) was a really good day! We were very blessed to be able to witness a baptism of a sweet woman we have been teaching for awhile! Her name is Arlene.. She has such great faith in Jesus Christ.. She was recently recovering from a brain tumor when Sister Reynolds and I knocked on her door. We started teaching her shortly after that. She was so prepared to accept the wonderful news of the Gospel. I know that the Lord was preparing her through her life experiences. So .. it was an extremely special day to be able to see her come from the beginning (starting to teach) to the new beginning.. (baptism) She was so excited for her baptism and is excited to have another family in the church.. After her baptism she said "I feel as light as a feather" Which I love because.. that is how we are able to feel through following our Savior and using his Atonement in our lives... Through Him we can be made clean.. and our burdens may be made light! It was an incredible blessing to be apart of this great work.
So now .. I am at the beginning of another transfer with my wonderful and caring sister.. Sister SOOLEFAI.. She is the best.. We are learning a lot together and truly seeing MIRACLES..
I hope each of you are well and that you are... going to CHURCH.. saying your PRAYERS.. and READING your scriptures.. CPR... it saves lives.
Seester.. Kait


  1. Thank you for your letters Sister Pallas! I think you are wonderful! xoxoxo

  2. I'm reading it, and you're even here with us! I think it's a great blog, and I'm glad that we'll be able to hear how you're doing when you get transferred. Thanks to your family for updating it!

  3. I love you Kaitlyn! I miss you miss you miss you! The sweet people in your mission will miss you like crazy -- but I WANT YOU BACK!! Keep up the good work, and I hope these last few months FLY by!