Monday, January 17, 2011

There are so many good things happening in the Valley Forge Ward!!

I love serving here. It is such a wonderful place with extremely wonderful people!
I think it is crazy what missions can do for someones life. I have been thinking a lot lately about how much I have learned since I left home. Things that I thought I knew already... I have learned so much more about. The opportunity to increase my knowledge is mine every single day. It has definitely been a huge blessing to learn and grow. To be able to meet people from all over the world and completely enjoy there own unique and beautiful story. I am grateful that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has allowed me to be able to meet these people and feel charity towards them. I love thinking about how the Lord guides us and allows us to be his hands to help others.
We were blessed with the opportunity to attend a fireside last night with Vai Sikahema.. A very well known Sports broadcaster on NBC. He also played football at BYU and for the Philadelphia Eagles. It was a neat experience to hear the way he has shared the gospel throughout his life. I wanted to share with all of you one cool story...
A few years ago... They used to organize church activities for the youth to be able to attend Phillie's games. Brother Sikahema would organize different things to be able to get the tickets.. (for example: He got Andy Reid to throw the first pitch at one of the games) and in this particular experience he gathered about 60 missionaries to sing the National Anthem at the game. The game happened to be with the Chicago Cubs. So during this time at the beginning of the game the players of the teams usually go hang out in the clubhouse... Well there was just one player that stayed back to watch the missionaries perform their song.... Sammy Sosa. After the missionaries were done performing Sammy walked out of the dugout and shook hands with all of the missionaries on the field... Bro.. Sikahema was curious to know why he didn't go into the clubhouse along with his fellow teammates... so he followed him into the dugout.. thanked him for shaking the missionaries hands.. and asked why he stayed. Sammy Sosa answered him... When I was a little boy growing up in the Dominican Republic I played baseball with the Mormon missionaries. He had remembered all those years.. The missionaries had even given him a baseball at one time.
I was so touched by this story.. It is incredible to see how the gospel can be brought into our lives at different time.. Sammy Sosa.. is not a member of the church but he remembered those missionaries. We never know when or how or what will affect others. So we must be kind and loving towards all people.
Because of Love our Heavenly Father created a plan for us to return to Him. Because of Love Jesus Christ volunteered to help Heavenly Father with His Plan. Because of Love Our Savior gave His life for you and me... so that we could return to our Heavenly Father.. SO it will be LOVE that gets us back there as well. We must Love all of Heavenly Fathers children.. that is the way.
Because of LOVE.
Sister Kaitlyn Pallas

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