Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another week.. in Valley Forge...

It has been a really busy and very good week! The weather is cooling right down.. Thank goodness! (although I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the cold just yet) The leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors! There has been much good happening here!
We had the opportunity to have Sister Dalton.. (another great missionary from the PPM) come and stay with us for a few days while her companion went to a training.. It was great fun and a good opportunity to learn from each other! We were able to go finding while she was here.. and we met a fantastic mother of 3 adorable children! She invited us right into her home.. She said to us.. There is so much light about you girls... It was pretty amazing to have someone say that.. We were also able to teach her more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was amazing.. I know she was feeling the spirit! What a blessing this gospel is. I feel so blessed to be able to teach it to others! I will keep you updated!
Also.. a scary/funny moment this week: We almost got hit by a deer / we almost hit a deer. I thought i was going to have a heart attack... Good thing Sister Reynolds is such a good driver!.. Don't worry we survived. and so did our car.
I wanted to share a story about a woman in our ward. Her name is Tobi.. she is from Nigeria. She was given the privilege to come to America and took the opportunity, although it meant leaving behind her family and her husband (who is going to school and the Branch President of the branch there). She has been here about a year and a half now.. and is trying to work out plans to see him soon. It amazes me the sacrifices people make and the great strength that Sister Tobi has to keep going and pursuing her dreams of one day being able to live with her family.. in this life! She has such a strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, I feel it a very special privilege to know her. I have learned so much from so many wonderful people around me.. it is a true blessing. To be able to see the goodness in everyone is a blessing... something I strive for everyday!
I love this Gospel. I love you all!
Sister Kait Pallas

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello: Friends and Family....

Sorry to miss a week.. but last Preparation Day... was crazy busy and exhausting...
We were blessed with the opportunity to go to Philadelphia for the day! What an exciting experience that was! We didn't do to much because there wasn't a ton of time and there is just so much to see! We were able to go to the Philadelphia Art Museum and walk up the steps.. and of Course we couldn't miss taking our picture with the "ROCKY" statue. The city was beautiful.. We walked through down town.. saw the Free Public Library.. and enjoyed LOVE park.
We were able to meet up with a lot of missionaries.. which was probably the best part. There are so many great missionaries in this mission.. (of course all around the world as well) I was able to see SISTER ROWE!! Who I just love. I hadn't seen her for 3 months.. seemed like forever.. she gave me all sorts of updates about the happenings in Pitman! The most exciting.. I hope you all remember Liz who got baptized about 5 months ago, well she has a son that got baptized yesterday! Dan is a great guy and I am very excited about this great news!
The other really good part about Philadelphia.. was the cheese steak sandwich that we got to eat... from a corner store called Gooey Looie's. So good.. so good.
So last Sunday.. We were so privileged to be able to hear from an apostle of the Lord; Elder Neal Anderson. It was amazing to be able to meet him and to hear his words and his counsel. There is something very special about these men called of God. I feel their love and there powerful testimonies. The meetings were wonderful and they talked a lot about the Temple that is in the works here in Philadelphia! What a blessing for so many people here to have a temple so close! I am so excited for the people to receive this great blessing in their lives!
And this Sunday.. I was able to speak in sacrament meeting. It was a great opportunity! I found out the night before that there were going to be about 30ish students of a world religion class attending the meeting. (how cool.. they get to go to different church services and learn about them, they were all given Books of Mormon and also a member from our ward goes to their class before and after they come to church and teaches them more about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!) Well I think my talk went well.. and I felt ok about it! The Bishop of our ward also gave a talk about the 13 Articles of Faith. Which was so great.. all the teachings of the gospel all crammed in there!
I feel so blessed with the many opportunities that are mine here.. I hope this entry finds you all well and happy!
Love you all!
Sister Kait

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am here to tell you all.. that The Lord is aware of all of us.

The only peace we will ever find in this life is from our Savior Jesus Christ and through his Gospel. I am realizing more and more each day how much I am indebted to my Savior. For all that he has done for me and for all my brothers and sisters.. My family here in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Utah, Africa... EVERYWHERE.. EVERYONE.. He loves us all and for that knowledge I am so grateful!
This week has been so good.. I have had a lot of humbling experiences that have helped me grow closer and closer to my Savior.
I was able to be at a baptism this week of a little girl in our ward... She was Glowing after she came out of the water. Truly filled with the Love of God. I read a talk this morning that had a quote in it .. it said something like... The best thing we can do for our Heavenly Father is to Love his children. How true is that.. We are here on this earth to love and help each other grow and progress! I am so grateful for this great opportunity we are all given to serve! We have opportunities all around us I hope that we are all striving to never let them pass us by.. Heavenly Father is aware of all the Love, Kindness, and Charity we do for others..
We have been meeting a lot of really great people lately.. I know that some of them are ready for the good news of the gospel.. and some are just getting prepared.. :) I am grateful everyday for the miracles that I am able to witness everyday.. I wish I knew how to share more than this in my emails... there is just so much to say and so much to feel.. I can't capture it so well in words.. I will try to so I will just share one miracle..
So on Sunday we were walking to a Ladies home who we had set up an appointment to meet.. She happened to not be home.. but we were able to talk to many people on the way to her house.. One of them was a boy named Zack.. We stopped and talked to him for a bit.. his friend walked away but he listened and paid close attention. He asked us if we gave lessons.. (of course I was screaming and jumping inside) We told him yes.. He was in a hurry to be on his way.. We shared our Testimonies of our Savior and then he was on his way... I'm not sure if I will ever see him again.. but as we were walking away.. he said something like .. "You have changed my life." In that moment I knew that he had felt the spirit. He was touched by the Savior's Love. It was a true Miracle..
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for Everyone. This I do know.
I love you all.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cool story of the week:

So Sister Reynolds and I.. were on our way to a member of our wards home.. So we put the address in the GPS.. we are driving along.. we get out on the street and immediately a boy starts talking to us. He asked us.. "Which church do you go to?" We told him which church and wrote down the address, we also asked him if he had ever heard of the Book of Mormon. He said "actually I have like 3 copies at my house." So we invited him to come to church and continue to read the Book of Mormon. He didn't come to church .. but I really feel like we were where we were supposed to be at that time. Then we continued to walk down the street to where the address was. We met these two men.. talking on the streets of Norristown... They didn't seem too interested in what we had to say but they took Book of Mormon cards.. But then they stopped us and asked us where we were from.. and what we were doing. So we told them.. and told them about the BOM and the church.. the whole bit. One man said to us.. "You aren't going to change anybody here!" .... I was thinking to myself.. "You don't know anything .. just watch I'll change people here".... Then.. the spirit put me in my place! .. the next words that came out of my mouth were.. "You're exactly right.. I won't change anyone here.. but the SPIRIT will." The other man talking to us... was like.. "You are right.. I will remember how I felt talking to you.. There is something different something special... (and then he gave us the fist pound!)" It was rad... and then the best ending to this story is... We were on the wrong street. The member we were trying to find had moved.. So for reals I know I was where the Lord wanted me to be at that time. :) But don't worry we did find our appointment and had a wonderful lesson!
This story is just one of the many beauties we get to experience here in mission life. I love getting to meet all sorts of wonderful people and having these experiences that strengthen my Faith in my Savior and Heavenly Father. I know that they are there for me and that they love me... and also that they love All their Children! All of you! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is amazing.
I love you all!
Sister Kaitlyn Pallas