Sunday, April 3, 2011

I wanted to share an experience I had on one of the last days I had in Valley Forge..

Sister Soolefai and I were walking around in Norristown.. there are always a lot of people walking around so we decided to go stop by some people in the area and "PREACH THE GOSPEL" ... It was fun.. It is always a pick me up for me when we can go and bear our testimonies to people there! (when they listen) So we talked to this man.. He was really excited to talk to us.. He had just gotten into a new apartment after living in a shelter. We gave him a card and said this book will bless your life more than anything else. We invited him to call the number on the card and receive a free copy of the Book of Mormon. So we went on our merry little way.. Then came to a man who had long dreads.. He was so kind to us.. We gave him the card.. talked about where the Book of Mormon came from.. he gave the card back said he wasn't interested.. But asked us if we could all pray together... So we of course agreed.. So... if you can picture it... Sister Soolefai and I and this man.. were holding hands in a little circle on the sidewalk on a fairly busy street in downtown Norristown .... praying. We prayed that we would "be protected from the top of our heads down to the bottom of our feet.. from the crown even down to the soul. " It was SO COOL. He was a really nice man... Then I offered him the card again. He surprisingly took it. I couldn't believe it.. I'm pretty sure that was the only time so far on my mission when someone has retaken a card that they gave back to me. Miracle. SO... then we were walking back to our car.. walked past the man we had earlier talked to.. He called to us from his porch... "I'm on the phone with your people.." He was as we were passing calling to request the Book of Mormon.. :) we later received his information to go give him the BOOK! :) So the final experience I wanted to share as we were walking back to our car.. We were talking to a lot of people.. there was this older man.. walking pretty fast.. Instantly i felt.. a little fear to talk to him. But I immediately recognized that was satan.. so I kicked satan in the face and talked to this man.. he stopped and took a card. It was a card with a picture of Christ.. for a free DVD about Christ. It had the church's name and website.. on it. He looked up at us and said... "Joseph Smith... New York.. Tablets..." I was a little bit in shock... then he said.. "thanks I needed this"... and he walked away. I think i picked my jaw up off the ground. I know that the Lord guides us in this work.. I know I was were I was supposed to be that morning.
Just a cool experience from last week... our appointment fell through so we went knocking. There was someone in the area that the missionaries had taught before so we went there.. then continued to knock on the street they weren't home. There was this women who answered a few doors down. We asked her if we could share a message about Jesus Christ and a special book called the Book of Mormon. She gave us an excuse as to why she wouldn't be able to let us in.. she was on her way out! (wasn't the first time I've heard this excuse) We asked her if we could give her a card. Then she looked at us.. and said.. maybe I have a few minutes to hear your message.. So she invited us in. We talked about the Book of Mormon.. about Christ and how we need to follow is example. It was really cool. We prayed with her. Then she wanted to pray also.. She said some things in her prayer that I LOVED. She said.. I wasn't going to let these girls in .. But the spirit told I might be in the midst of angels.. She said.. I am entertaining angels.. We found out she was from Jamaica. Which.. made me so happy because I just left one of my dear friends from Valley Forge ward that was also Jamaican. Perlena (from VF) taught me and Sister Soolefai this "Jamaican Chorus" So I asked her if she knew this... I started singing... "I love him better every D-A-Y... Close by His S-I-D-E ... I will A-B-I-D-E... I love Him better every day!" She started singing it with me! It was so cool! We are going back to teach this women in a few days and I am SO excited.
Our Heavenly Father loves us so much.. He is in charge of this work!
I know it.


  1. Love this story :-)
    Miss you in Valley Forge :-(

  2. What a great story! Miss you, Sister Pallas!

  3. What a neat story! I have loved reading the latest few blog posts! So happy for you to be going home too!