Monday, May 16, 2011

So.. Yesterday

I was able to go to a baptism, which is absolutely the best part of this work!!! It was for a man in my first area (Pitman)!! He has been going to church for like 8 years and never has gotten baptized... his wife and 2 kids are baptized members.. and his little girl bore her testimony one Sunday and after that he knew he needed to be baptized!! He walked up to the Bishop and also the Stake Pres. (who happened to be there that Sunday also) and told them... I am going to be baptized! There were many tears from them and his family. It was a true miracle that I was able to be there!! We had an investigator that said she would take us because she was anxious to see an actual baptism take place!!! I was SO HAPPY to see my old ward members! :) It was the best.. and to see that brother be baptized.. and know that his family will be able to become a FOREVER FAMILY. That is what we are working for.. we are working to create Celestial families!! Forever Families!!
Also this week we had Zone Conference we were able to watch a talk that Elder Jeffery R. Holland gave at the MTC in January of this year.(I was pretty excited to watch it because I had heard about it already from my little brother ELDER PALLAS)...... WOW that is all I have to say... We are here to save and rescue Our Heavenly Fathers Sheep... IF YOU LOVE ME FEED MY SHEEP! My mission president told us that ... just before he spoke at that fireside he had just returned from a trip somewhere in the world and was so busy and exhausted that he mentioned to someone.. I wish I could have prepared more for this talk.... I thought that was pretty neat because it was an incredible talk... I just knew that what he was saying was just what the spirit was instructing him to say and that He was saying what the missionaries needed at that moment. It made me happy to know that my little brother was able to hear it.. and that my little brother ELDER PALLAS is a missionary of the Lord.. in this great and marvelous work! I hope I remember the message that he shared forever.... It was incredible... I am learning that the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in this work is THE SPIRIT.. combined with the BOOK OF MORMON... I feel so blessed to be apart of this great work. His message was this.. We are all hear to help each other return to our Heavenly Father.. and how are we to do this... We are to FEED our HEAVENLY FATHERS SHEEP.. Our brothers and sisters.. We are to help them in any way we can... This means helping our families.. helping our friends, helping our wards, helping our neighbors... and then SHARING with them the ONLY way we can return to our LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER... that is... Through the RESTORED GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.
This Work is amazing. IT is the best thing I've ever tried to do in my entire life.. Hard definitely .. but THE BEST.
Sister Pallas

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