Friday, July 16, 2010

This week has been very interesting..

All sorts of differences and extremes.. To start things off I just have to say that.. I really love when it is 103 degrees outside and 98 percent humidity... and also when it is that hot in the morning and then pouring rain in the afternoon... :) I also really really enjoying backing out my companion when it is pouring rain.. and when I get to cross over a river to do it!
Needless to say.. there has been some very crazy weather! :) I am holding up ok. I'm not sick of it yet.. thank goodness because there are a few summer months left! The people here say that it is one of the hottest summers yet. I'm sure I just wanted to bring some STG heat with me... to see if it was a good idea... Well.. just so you all know.. not a good idea with the Pennsylvania humidity.
We have had some very amazing moments this last week. We are teaching some pretty amazing people. I feel very blessed to be here in Doylestown at this time. I know the Lord puts us in places at specific times for a reason. Although experiences in our lives are sometimes not fun, and sad, and hard. We have them for a reason.. to help us become stronger and more faithful, and more like our Savior.. It is times when everything is not going the way we would like that we need to really turn to our Savior.. He is our true source of comfort. At this time .. and so many others on my mission I am learning that I can only make it in this life through my Savior. I am trying with all my heart to trust in Him.. that he does know what is best for me.. and more so many other people. it is a hard thing to do.. but it is the way to true happiness and eternal joy.
Here's to my Grandfather..
My Grandpa Pallas is in the hospital now. I'm not sure what the outcome will be.. But i want to write a few things that I love about my grandpa. He was one of my best friends as a child.. Along with his wonderful wife, my Grandma Pallas.. I loved spending my afternoons at there home.. wearing grandmas jewelry and making fish with grandpa in the garage. I remember one time when he asked me.. Now, what are you going to tell people when they ask you what kind of fish this is.. I remember thinking so hard about what kinds of fish there are.. the only one I could think of was a trout... and he said.. "No, a wooden one" Always full of funny jokes.. and always willing to help or teach me improve my wood working skills, or on casting a fishing line.. I remember practicing and practicing in his driveway.. He is one of the most caring people I have met. Always wanting to give and do for others. I remember countless times walking into the garage to visit him busy at work and finding someone from the neighborhood either learning from is great knowledge or having there hands full of treasures. He is a true friend. I love you Grandpa!
I don't know what is to come in the future.. but I do know that it is bright. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings light to every darkness that we come across in our lives.
Sister Pallas

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