Saturday, August 7, 2010

Missions.. are crazy..

Everyday is filled with so much of EVERYTHING.. The Highlight of last week was... ANOTHER BAPTISM...
Here is the story:
So the other day.. Sister Small and I were driving.. somewhere..(can't remember where) and the phone rang.. Since I am the passenger, I get the privilege of answering the phone. The name Jake popped up. I asked Sister Small who is Jake? She said just answer it.. so I did. So the phone call proceeded Jake said.."I am going to boot camp soon.. I would really like to be baptized before I go." Wow.. was all I could think. So Sister Small and I had a very busy week making preparations for his baptism and teaching him all the things he needed to know before baptism. What a blessing it was to be there at the Baptism on Sunday. It all came together and went wonderfully. The spirit there was very strong. I am very grateful for the experience. His Mother and Sister were able to come to Church and also attended the baptism along with his Father. It was a neat to see them all there all together right before Jake heads to Boot Camp. (He is there now.. and we are having dinner with his Mom and Sister tonight!) We are very excited!)
This week I have been recognizing how the Lord intervenes in our lives just when we need him too! For Jake it was right before he left. This week I have had so many experiences where the Lord's Miracles were all around. I wish you all could just be here and see. (I also wish I was a better writer.. so you could at least try to picture it! :)
Just Remember.. The Lord is the framer of Heaven and Earth.. he is over all things.
Sister Pallas

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