Monday, October 18, 2010

This week I have seen so many miracles. SO. MANY. MIRACLES.

We have been able to find so many people that are interested in hearing the wonderful message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I feel very blessed! It makes me so grateful that Heavenly Father is in charge of this work.. that he is the Grand Designer of this amazing Design we get to live in everyday. That he has the power to create beautiful experiences that we can partake of.. that he also allows us to go through hard things to allow us to grow.
In my studying this week I studied a lot about Personal Revelation. Which is such blessing that we all have access to.. to be able to receive our Heavenly Father's guidance and direction in all of our choices and decisions. Somethings I have been realizing is that.. God truly does and always will love ALL of His children, that He is so ready and willing to support us in a trial or circumstance we may find ourselves. He will guide us and give us the power to know how to handle anything. He promises us His inspiration when we live worthy of it. It is so important to open your mind and your heart to the spirit... as Kathy would say "Pay attention to what gets your attention!" LOOK for the spirit and Heavenly Fathers guidance in your life. The Holy Ghost brings peace to us. One of my favorite scriptures lately has been.. John 14:27 Peace I give you... Not as the world giveth give I unto you... Let not your heart be troubled or afraid. We cannot find the peace of our Savior in the world. It just isn't there, it is found in living His words and His teachings. He was the one who took upon him all our sins, afflictions, sicknesses.. even joys in life. He KNOWS how to comfort us, because he KNOWS how we feel! Let us all strive to KNOW HIM better!
Sister Pallas

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