Monday, January 3, 2011

Can't believe it is a new year already.

Time is passing by so quickly.. I still have so much to do before I come home. I am very excited about this new year. Our mission president wrote us our weekly letter.. gave us some advice about new years resolutions.. He said make some INSPIRED resolutions.. Not just the same old ones.. make one that will really count. I am excited about the ones of have been thinking about and making. BUT we each have to remember.. that when we don't succeed at what we have made goals to do.. we have a new day.. each day and a new week each week! WE are here to grow and change each day! To do our best to become better. I am learning a lot about that as a missionary..
I just got an email from my little brother Taylor.. (who for those of you who don't know.. is in the MTC.. Write him!! He is getting ready to go to Spain) He was telling me how hard the language is, but how he can't believe how much he has learned since his high school Spanish classes. It's like that for each of us.. We are learning and become better (hopefully) each day and we need to remember how far we have come and how much we have accomplished, and not be so hard on ourselves.
I was thinking about one of my favorite scriptures.. I'm sure I've already shared it with all of you.. but just in case I haven't .. "For with God nothing shall be IMPOSSIBLE." Luke 1:37 When we need help when we don't feel like we are improving.. we must PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY.. Pray always. I love that I can just tell my Heavenly Father exactly how I feel and know that He is listening, that He cares, that He HEARS what I say and He knows that it is important to me, and it is important to Him. He is literally our Father in Heaven.. I think about how much I know that my earthly Father cares and loves me and would do anything for me to be happy and safe... That is how our Heavenly Father is multiplied by a million. That is pretty incredible. He Loves us.. He wants us to have True Joy.
I am so grateful for the experiences I am having as a missionary.. I am grateful I had the opportunity to be away from the people I care about and love so much, my wonderful family.. at a time that is so special and full of the spirit. The Christmas season that i just experienced is once in a lifetime. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ.. and that He was born and Lived and died so We can LIVE again.. He lives. I Know that my Redeemer Lives. I know that he loves each of us and provided us the pathway that we can walk to return to live with Him again someday.. and our Loving Heavenly Father.
I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. truly the Lord's Kingdom on the EARTH... Love it, Live it, Share it! (
Love you all.. Happy New Year!

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