Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventures Always Continue...

The past few weeks have been so crazy! I mentioned before that we had a baptism coming up... Which did happen last Saturday the 24th! (Which was also my 2 month mark). I can't believe I made it two months away from everyone! But I did and it was a absolutely perfect day! Elizabeth Brown was baptized! I was so blessed to be able to be apart of teaching her! She is such a sweet lady and was so ready to be baptized. Her whole family was able to attend, the spirit there was wonderful! It made me ponder a lot about my baptism and how wonderful that day was that I was able to join the fold of the gospel and be baptized by my father. To see Liz's excitement was wonderful, I can't remember the exact scripture but it is in 3 Nephi about the people learning about the gospel and how they clapped there hands for Joy at the opportunity to learn and to be baptized. That verse reminds me of Liz, she was excited and she was glowing, she could not wait until that day was hers. As a result her son Daniel (18) and his girlfriend Crystal (18) are now investigating the church! :) The Elders in our area covering the Young Single Adult branch are teaching them. I'll keep you updated! :)
It is exciting to see small actions take place and in result cause immense changes in the lives of so many people. I am excited about His work. Nothing in this work happens just because of random happenstance... It happens because Heavenly Father is the grand designer, He is carrying out the amazing design here on earth. I'm glad that my feet are helping to fill in the lines of his beautiful creation and plan.
Lots of changes have taken place in the last 24 hours.. I was able to help my companion Sister Miller pack up all her things and say goodbye to her as she heads home to her family as she finishes her mission. It has been a privilege to serve with her. She has a huge heart that has touched so many peoples lives. She truly cares about people and I have learned a lot from her example. I also got to welcome in a new companion, Sister Rowe! She seems wonderful already, she is from Salt Lake City, and has only been out 1 transfer longer than me! It should be an exciting ride as we both are new and trying to figure this whole thing out! I'm excited about all the things in store this week as we figure it all out!
I also wanted to just thank all of you that have supported me on my mission for the letters and cards and prayers. I am just so grateful to all of you who care about me and this amazing work. I think every night, that I am just blessed, TRULY BLESSED.
Thank You, Sister Pallas

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