Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The weeks Keep on Passing...

It amazes me how fast Wednesdays come... This week has been a great week.. although, every week is good. I realized the times in my life when I felt like things weren't going well, it was only because I failed to see the Lords hand in the experiences that I was having. I have made a goal from the beginning of my mission to write down the "Miracles" in my life that I am able to witness... It is amazing when you look for them how they are so visible. I am really blessed to be serving with a sister.. Sister Rowe, who is so great. She has so much faith, and is very good as seeing the way the Lord directs our days here in New Jersey. We have had a wonderful week, we were very blessed to be able to attend a Zone Conference and also Stake Conference. I love the members out here. They are all so wonderful. The people here are strong and dedicated. During Stake Conference there were many messages shared about the family. It just shows me after listening to General Conference and now the wonderful Stake Conference how important the family really is, how much growth and knowledge we can gain from those around us in our homes. They also shared about being close to the Spirit. It is so important to be able to be in tune with the Spirit and to try and learn and align our will, with that of our Heavenly Father. It is a lifetime goal, and process. I am so grateful to be alive, to be able to continue to work on that! And so it goes... on and on... :)

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  1. Hi Ms Kaitlin, It is good to hear you are doing well and enjoying life. Are you getting any time to piece or quilt at all. It sounds like your life is pretty full as it is. I was thinking about your featherweight sewing machine being lonely..Did I give you a featherweight pin? Take care and be safe, Love John/Teryl