Friday, June 18, 2010

Washington DC, Temple

We got a call last Friday ... from Sis. Winegar that they were taking all the missionaries that are going to the Philadelphia Mission to the temple on Wednesday because they aren't able to go to the temple when the mission change happens. So it was a huge privilege to be able to go! I kept thinking about my Daddy! I felt so close to him while I was in the temple. To be able to be in the Temple where he served his mission! I kept thinking about the wonderful example that he is to me, I am grateful for the choices that he made in his life to have helped him marry Mom, and have a family, and to raise them in the Gospel. It was a blessing to be there with Sister Rowe as well. We were really excited that we were able to be there together where both our fathers served! :) It was a fantastic day! We were able to go to the visitors center as well and watch the Joseph Smith movie. I have never cried more in that movie in my life. I think about all the men that came before us that gave there lives so that they could establish this wonderful Gospel! That they knew so well that what they were trying to accomplish and they weren't going to give up or let up until they had completed what the Lord commanded them. It is amazing how you can feel and sense when Satan is trying to keep the work from progressing. It is hard to keep going... but we must! That is exactly what Satan wants for us to be beaten, to give up, to think we can't keep going. But the good news is we can! With the strength of our Loving Heavenly Father we can keep going we can move forward in this life!
So far I have made some huge realizations about myself and about life in general. I am realizing more and more the real purpose of life... to help all of God's children along. We are here and we are in this together. We can and need to continually strive to become like Christ. I often think when I am knocking on peoples' doors How Christ would act, and what Christ would say if He were here. I am really blessed to be able to serve. Every night when I write in my journal I think to myself... "was today a good day?" Of course it was a good day... but that doesn't always mean that it was easy, most days are hard, but when I can complete each day and look back and realize I gave my all just for that day... It makes it a good day. I have seen so many Miracles being on a mission. Each day is a day to learn how to Trust in Heavenly Father more fully, to learn to become more like Christ, to choose the best things for ourselves and for others.
There was a missionary in Zone Conference a few weeks ago that shared a cool analogy with us.. it was that we are all on a Journey back into our Heavenly Fathers presence... to make it there some of us want to free style swim our way there... but we don't realize that we need breaststroke and gather those around us and bring them with us! We need to be refined in this life, and those around us will help us grow and learn to be more like our Heavenly Father. Those in our families, our neighbors, those we work with. There are people around us that need the Gospel. The teachings of the Gospel are for everyone...EVERYONE! :)
I love you all so much! Thank you for the love and support that you give to me!
Love, Sister Pallas

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