Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another week.. in Valley Forge...

It has been a really busy and very good week! The weather is cooling right down.. Thank goodness! (although I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the cold just yet) The leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors! There has been much good happening here!
We had the opportunity to have Sister Dalton.. (another great missionary from the PPM) come and stay with us for a few days while her companion went to a training.. It was great fun and a good opportunity to learn from each other! We were able to go finding while she was here.. and we met a fantastic mother of 3 adorable children! She invited us right into her home.. She said to us.. There is so much light about you girls... It was pretty amazing to have someone say that.. We were also able to teach her more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was amazing.. I know she was feeling the spirit! What a blessing this gospel is. I feel so blessed to be able to teach it to others! I will keep you updated!
Also.. a scary/funny moment this week: We almost got hit by a deer / we almost hit a deer. I thought i was going to have a heart attack... Good thing Sister Reynolds is such a good driver!.. Don't worry we survived. and so did our car.
I wanted to share a story about a woman in our ward. Her name is Tobi.. she is from Nigeria. She was given the privilege to come to America and took the opportunity, although it meant leaving behind her family and her husband (who is going to school and the Branch President of the branch there). She has been here about a year and a half now.. and is trying to work out plans to see him soon. It amazes me the sacrifices people make and the great strength that Sister Tobi has to keep going and pursuing her dreams of one day being able to live with her family.. in this life! She has such a strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, I feel it a very special privilege to know her. I have learned so much from so many wonderful people around me.. it is a true blessing. To be able to see the goodness in everyone is a blessing... something I strive for everyday!
I love this Gospel. I love you all!
Sister Kait Pallas

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