Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am here to tell you all.. that The Lord is aware of all of us.

The only peace we will ever find in this life is from our Savior Jesus Christ and through his Gospel. I am realizing more and more each day how much I am indebted to my Savior. For all that he has done for me and for all my brothers and sisters.. My family here in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Utah, Africa... EVERYWHERE.. EVERYONE.. He loves us all and for that knowledge I am so grateful!
This week has been so good.. I have had a lot of humbling experiences that have helped me grow closer and closer to my Savior.
I was able to be at a baptism this week of a little girl in our ward... She was Glowing after she came out of the water. Truly filled with the Love of God. I read a talk this morning that had a quote in it .. it said something like... The best thing we can do for our Heavenly Father is to Love his children. How true is that.. We are here on this earth to love and help each other grow and progress! I am so grateful for this great opportunity we are all given to serve! We have opportunities all around us I hope that we are all striving to never let them pass us by.. Heavenly Father is aware of all the Love, Kindness, and Charity we do for others..
We have been meeting a lot of really great people lately.. I know that some of them are ready for the good news of the gospel.. and some are just getting prepared.. :) I am grateful everyday for the miracles that I am able to witness everyday.. I wish I knew how to share more than this in my emails... there is just so much to say and so much to feel.. I can't capture it so well in words.. I will try to so I will just share one miracle..
So on Sunday we were walking to a Ladies home who we had set up an appointment to meet.. She happened to not be home.. but we were able to talk to many people on the way to her house.. One of them was a boy named Zack.. We stopped and talked to him for a bit.. his friend walked away but he listened and paid close attention. He asked us if we gave lessons.. (of course I was screaming and jumping inside) We told him yes.. He was in a hurry to be on his way.. We shared our Testimonies of our Savior and then he was on his way... I'm not sure if I will ever see him again.. but as we were walking away.. he said something like .. "You have changed my life." In that moment I knew that he had felt the spirit. He was touched by the Savior's Love. It was a true Miracle..
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for Everyone. This I do know.
I love you all.

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