Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Jersey is sometimes the coldest place I have ever been in my LIFE!

We went tracting the other day.. in the rain. No worries though it wasn't too bad! Just when it gets really windy that is when it is hard to be outside. Yesterday it was raining really hard, LUCKILY we had Zone Conference! The Lord just sends us blessings all the time!! Zone Conference was pretty amazing! There are some amazing missionaries in my mission (which I'm sure there are amazing missionaries in every mission) but especially in this mission! Then today we woke up and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! Another blessing!
This week was full of adventures: We had a Street Meeting in Woodbury, tracting in the rain, teaching many lessons, and first zone conference! I think I may be getting a handle on mission life...
We are teaching quite a few people right now. We are teaching a really sweet lady named Kristina, along with her we are teaching her two sons. Brandon 13, and Max 8. They have come to church many times and it is really just a matter of time till they get baptized! My companions were teaching them when I get transferred into this area. I am just really blessed to be able to be apart of it now! It's always exciting teaching people when you just know they get it! We are teaching another sweet lady named Liz. We had an amazing lesson with her where she just kept saying, It just makes sense. I love that Heavenly Father allows me to be the one to be able to witness these MIRACLES.
The Lord is so aware of what we are going through in each of our individual lives! It is such a comfort to be able to have that knowledge. I am feeling very blessed. So SO blessed. One of the biggest blessings that has been given to me is my FAMILY.
One this special day I would like to wish my Daddy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am so grateful for him. He has been a great strength to me my whole life.
Here are 10 reasons why I love him:
1: For giving me life!
2: For Loving my Mom!
3: For always supporting me in ALL my decisions
4: For making me Laugh.
5: For writing me so often!
6: For supporting our Family
7: For being such a great example
8: For serving a Mission
9: For helping me become who I am today.
10: Just for being SO GREAT!
11: For being Awesome and Amazing! (eleven for good measure) :)
Daddy I Love You SO MUCH!
Being away from your family on a mission makes you really appreciate them! I appreciated them before I left but I really really appreciate them now! They are my strength and my support. I love that I was blessed to belong to them! I love you Family!
Until Next Week! ....Sister Pallas

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