Monday, November 1, 2010

So updates: posting late this was last weeks blog :)

I wanted to let you all know about my friend Donna who I met in my first area. She is the kindest sweetest person.. and I was so sad to leave her.. But we keep in touch through letters! I found out that the sisters in Pitman are still teaching her. She told me in the last letter I received from her that she just learned about the Plan of Salvation... she is also reading the Book of Mormon. It amazes me how the gospel can bring us so much joy.
I think I forgot to tell you all about Virginia! She was a sweet women I was teaching in Doylestown.. She got baptized! Sister Reynolds and I both taught her and loved her.. so we were just ecstatic when we found out!
Ria is an investigator of ours and she is so sweet! We watched the Restoration DVD with her this week. She loved it and said it made her feel all warm inside. We didn't know but her 7 year old son was sitting on the stairs watching it as well. We gave the DVD to them to watch again.. she also wanted to share it with her husband. The little boy Ethan came down and said.. is that movie about a boy who wants to know about God? It was so sweet. The first time we met Ria she invited us right into her home and said we had light in our faces! It was a pretty neat experience!
Terry is a women in our ward who hasn't been out to church in a long while... she has become one of our good friends! Love her to death. She was able to come to an enrichment activity last week to meet all the sister in the ward. It was so great to see her fit right in and be excited to be there!
I love seeing how the Gospel light slides right into peoples lives and brightens them! Amazing. So many good things! And so many more to come I am POSITIVE..
well..can I just say.. fall here is Beautiful..
Love you all! Have a Happy Halloween...(Sister Reynolds and I might switch tags for the day.. good costume idea? haha)
Sister Kait

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